Vasectomies In Canada: Will They Cost Less For Americans?

By now, everyone has heard that medicines in Canada are cheap. Stories of how Americans are crossing the northern border to get cheaper medications are quite common, but what about surgeries? Do Canadians pay less for surgeries too? Can Americans somehow benefit from crossing the border for cheaper surgeries? For example, can you get vasectomies in Canada for less than it costs in the U.S.? Here is a closer look at these questions as they relate to Americans in search of cheaper medications and cheaper surgeries in other countries.

Vasectomies in the Two Countries

A vasectomy is, by far, a much cheaper option for couples who do not want children or any more children. It is much less invasive than tubal litigation since it can be performed as an outpatient procedure in a doctor's office versus a full-on surgery under general anesthesia, which must be done in an operating room. The cost in the U.S. for a vasectomy is about $250-$1,000 (without insurance) or $20-$130 (with insurance).

In Canada, the procedure is covered completely under Canada's many health insurance plans. For Canadians, this is a free or nearly free permanent birth control option. Unfortunately, Canadian health insurance is for Canadians only, so Americans who attempt to take advantage of the free vasectomy would have to become Canadian citizens first (that includes paying Canadian taxes and living in Canada at least half the year). Without Canadian health coverage, Americans would expect to pay the same amount of dollars Canadian for a vasectomy as they would pay for an uninsured American procedure.

Vasectomies South of the Border

If you are willing to risk your health, surgeries in Mexico, Central, and South America are much cheaper. Everything from a vasectomy to breast enlargement is cheaper. Unfortunately, you may pay the ultimate price because not all surgeries are sanitary, and not all medical equipment is fully sanitized.

In Summation

While you may be able to get cheap medications as an American crossing over into Canada, you clearly cannot get cheap surgeries. Maybe that is for the best, since the prices are fairly equal overall, and you want your surgeries closer to home anyway. Of course, you could always head south past the U.S.'s border, Americans, if you want cheaper surgeries and do not mind taking risks with your overall health and well-being. Be sure to take cash, as that may be the only currency they accept there.

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